Start of passion for Computer Science

Scratch | 2016

Work on embedded systems using C

Mitrol | 2019, 2021

Self-taught full-stack web development

Home | 2020

Joined CoSup Gaming

CoSup Gaming | 2021

Minecraft Server Plugins

Developed Minecraft Server-sided Plugins using Java for CoSup Gaming

Cosup Gaming | 2021 - 2022

Attending an IT leading high-school

Italy | 2021 - 2025

Web Development & Game Development

Web Development using Vue.js & Game Development using Unity and C#

School | 2021 - 2022


School | 2022 - Present

Console Snakes and Ladders


School | 2022 - 2023

Started Blogging

Life | 2022 - 2024

Eventually shut down the blog because the task of maintaining a self hosted blog with an editor's interface run by FOSS software is difficult to say the least and I would've blogged about non tech things anyways.archives.robigan.com

Swift & SwiftUI

School | 2023

Cisco Skills for All Network Academy Certification

Worked for some time on a Network Defense certification by Cisco through their Skills for All platform.

School | 2023

Internship at Steelprojects

Internshipped at a French software house that ideates solutions for the steel construction industry. During my tenure, I was afforded the opportunity to incorporate supplementary features into their Android mobile application to cater to the requirements of their clients.

Vienne, France | 2023 (3 Weeks)


Internship at Brennan IT

Internshipped at a Sydney-based Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (MSP) that provides tailored IT solutions to their customers. In the course of my time at the company, I worked alongside various teams & departments. I was involved in the software testing teams, data and cloud teams, and Azure infrastructure department.

Sydney, Australia | 2023 (2 Weeks)



Participated in a hackathon organized by my institution's parent company. My team and I worked on a killer project focusing on education as a theme. We hope to bring it to market some day once everyone has more time.

School | 2023